Secure Your Home: 5 Steps To Protect Your Home

When it comes to securing your home, you may think that a security system from a place like Star Protection Agency LLC is all that you need. However, home security is actually a two-part system. While installing a home security system is an essential part of home protection, what you do around your home is just as important. Here is a list of the ten most important security measures you can implement to keep your home more secure. [Read More]

Surprising Benefits Of A Secure Storage Unit

If your closets are exploding and your attic or basement are not able to store your Christmas stuff this year, a secure storage facility is the ideal solution. In addition to the obvious benefit of being able to hide your gifts away from curious family members, you can also take advantage of the day after Christmas sales to stock up for gift-giving occasions for next year.  It may seem as if spending a few extra dollars during an already expensive season is challenging, but there are several reasons that doing so makes sense. [Read More]

Important Things To Consider When Renting A Storage Unit

Renting a self storage unit is a great way to keep your valuables safe and secure at an offsite facility. If you have never rented a self storage unit before, then there are a number of things that you should know prior to signing on the dotted line. Here is a list of some important things to consider when renting a self storage unit. Make Sure The Unit Is Climate Controlled [Read More]

Temporarily Downsizing? Use This Guide To Decide What To Put In Storage

If you're moving to a smaller place and won't be able to fit everything into your new home, placing some of your items in storage until you're able to eventually move again to a larger home is a great solution. However, deciding exactly what belongs in the storage unit, one like Walsh Moving & Storage, and what needs to come with you to your new place is not always easy. Here's a look at several items you probably can do without at your new place, and a few that you definitely don't want to put in storage. [Read More]