Why Working With A Realtor Is More Important Than You Think When Buying A Home

While you may be able to find a home that you love by searching online, a realtor does way more than provide you with some listings to look at. A realtor has a financial responsibility to their clients and a vast knowledge of the always-changing regulations in real estate. Even though you may be able to locate a property you want to view, a realtor is going to be able to negotiate the deal. [Read More]

5 Tips For Preparing Yoru New Home For Your Family

If you have just closed the deal with your real estate agent and bought a home, you want to take certain steps to make sure it is clean, safe and secure. Taking these extra steps will help you and your other household members to feel much more comfortable and safe once you are in the house and trying to get settled. These 5 things will help you to know your new home is in the best shape possible when it comes to comfort and safety: [Read More]

4 Red Flags To Look Out For When Purchasing A Single Family Home

If you're like most people, purchasing a single family home isn't just to have a place to live, it is also a big financial investment. While house hunting, it can be easy to fall in love with a home, but it is also important to look out for red flags that pop up during the home inspection that may indicate that you should walk away if the seller doesn't want to make repairs. [Read More]

Can a Low Home Appraisal Keep You From Buying a Home?

Your purchase offer for a home likely contains several contingency, including one that is based on the home appraisal. The results of the appraisal could have a bearing on whether or not your lender is willing to fund the purchase of the home. If you have an appraisal upcoming, here is what you need to know.   What Is the Home Appraisal? The home appraisal is an estimate of what the home you want to buy is worth. [Read More]