6 Home Building Trends To Follow

Whenever someone meets with a home builder, they need to think about what they want from the project. If you're not entirely sure what should be in the plans, it's a good idea to look at popular trends for inspiration. Folks building new homes should learn about these 6 trends.  


Utility prices have gone up significantly in recent years. To wrestle back control of their utility bills, many people constructing homes are building more efficient structures. Fortunately, there have been improvements in lighting, water consumption, electrical, insulation, and even doors and windows.

It is a good idea to look at the lifetime cost of using one set of systems or materials versus others. While you might find some products with lower upfront costs, they could be more expensive after several years. For example, a house might do better with a tankless water heater because storing and repeatedly heating water is frequently inefficient.

Smart Homes

Modern technologies allow a new home builder to integrate virtually every system. You can control the lights, thermostat, security devices, and entertainment system using a voice assistant or your phone. Many setups even include integration with voice systems in cars so owners can tell their smart homes to adjust the thermostat before they get home. This enhances efficiency while offering immense convenience.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens are all trendy choices. Homeowners want to integrate their landscapes with the nearby buildings too. This means the line between where the yard ends and the patio starts is often blurred by planters and hardscaping features.


Many people want more room for essentials. In the kitchen, this means bigger pantries. People are also building sheds and garages for additional storage. The trend favors bigger closets too.

Alternative Materials

Inflation and price fluctuations have made traditional lumber more expensive. Concrete and wood composites are increasing in popularity as homeowners discover their cost-effectiveness and durability.


People want healthier homes, and that's reflected in modern building trends. Indoor air quality is high on owners' lists. Modern HVAC units often employ advanced filtration systems that can yield massive improvements in air quality. Similarly, many homeowners are installing water filtration systems to ensure their families are safe from chemicals and microbes.

Fitness is also becoming a common part of building a house. Working with a new home builder is a great opportunity to put in a gym or pool, for example.

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