Tips For Selecting A Three-Bedroom Apartment When You Have A Roommate

If you are on the search for a three-bedroom apartment, there is a big possibility that you are looking for a unit that you will also share with a roommate. While the third bedroom undoubtedly provides extra space, there are other features in the apartment that you should look for. As you go on your journey to find a larger apartment to meet your needs, discover some of the features to look for.


Pay close attention to the layout of the apartment. Assuming the third bedroom will be used as a non-bedroom space, such as an exercise room or as a study, look for an apartment that has this extra room located in the middle of the two other bedrooms. This layout keeps you from being right next door to your roommate and provides you with a little more privacy. 

However, if you need to occupy all three bedrooms, the layout may not matter as much. You should also look for a unit that does not have a bedroom directly next to the front door. With this layout, in the event you are on different schedules, there will be less of a chance of anyone being disturbed as the door opens and closes. 

Kitchen Space

Pay attention to the kitchen space. Ideally, you want to choose a three-bedroom unit that has a kitchen large enough to accommodate more than one person. Just because you are roommates, it does not mean you want to eat the same thing. 

So, in the event you and your roommate need to prepare separate meals at the same time, you will have ample space to move around. The same is true when it comes to storage in the kitchen. With extra space, you can have different areas for each roommate to store their food and kitchen items.


Lastly, check out the bathroom options. Typically, even a three-bedroom unit will only have one bedroom with a bathroom inside. However, if the unit has another full bathroom that is near one of the other bedrooms, this sort of layout would work.

If the unit has a half-bath as well, that is even better since you can leave one bathroom that will solely be used by guests. For the most part, if the unit has more than a single bathroom, you and your roommate should be fine. 

Keep all the above tips in mind as you begin your search for a roommate-friendly, three-bedroom apartment.