Will A Studio Apartment Be Best For You?

When looking at apartments for rent as a single person, you may look at several options. You can look at a one-bedroom apartment, a two-bedroom apartment, if you want more space, or even a studio apartment for rent in your area.

Will a studio apartment be best for you? What are the benefits of choosing this type of apartment over other kinds? Your real estate agent can help you choose between a studio apartment or other apartment options within your budget and location requirements and can help you understand the difference between a one-bedroom and studio apartment in particular. Here are signs a studio apartment will be best for you.

You like the idea of an open floor plan

What makes a studio apartment different from all other apartments is this: the whole apartment features are in one single space. This means there are no separate rooms for a bedroom or office, with the exception of a private space for the bathroom.

If you like the idea of your entire living space being in one big room, including your bedroom, then a studio apartment can be best for you. The average studio apartment is 600 square feet, and with most of the square footage being in the large single room you'll live in, you may find that a studio apartment for rent has more space to offer you than a one-bedroom apartment of a similar size.

You don't have many people in the space

Due to the lack of private rooms in a studio apartment, it's best to consider this type of dwelling if it's just you living in the space or just you and your significant other. If you have pets or children, the space may feel too crowded quickly, so keep in mind your living situation now when looking at a studio apartment.

This type of dwelling is great for you if you need an apartment for work and school and don't need tons of space but need to be located close to where you work or get educated. You can always upgrade to a two-bedroom apartment for rent or a one-bedroom apartment later when your space needs to change.

When you work with your real estate agent to find you the right studio apartment, you'll feel confident in your new place to call home. Work out a budget for your living expenses to help you determine what you can afford for a studio apartment.