Moving To A Private Country Club Community

Owning a home that is nestled in a gated community and that promotes social activities that are geared toward sporting enthusiasts will minimize the need to travel to recreational centers and pay individual fees for each activity. In addition, you will be provided with security and may be fortunate enough to locate a home that is located along the water.

Visit Governors Club

Governors Club is a prestigious community that requires residents to follow a list of guidelines and pay annual dues. Because a private club will prohibit non-residents from entering, unless they have been invited by someone who lives within the community, you will either need to contact the director of the club or make preparations through a real estate agent, to view homes that are for sale.

Review the cost of each home, the amenities that are included, and the overall rules that are mandated. Additional fees may need to be paid, if you seek lawn care services or other amenities that are not included with the ownership of your home.

Calculate Recreational Fees

Some people prefer the laid-back lifestyle that a private club provides, plus find it beneficial to be able to golf, play tennis, or swim when they prefer. During the house touring process, request information about the recreational packages that are offered. You can purchase an annual pass, which will allow you and your loved ones unlimited access to all of the activities that are offered onsite, or you can customize your plan and pick one or two activities that are available.

Social functions are also held on a recurring basis, and these will require dues to be paid in full prior to utilizing them. Inspect homes that are located in various areas and calculate the costs that you will incur with a tailored plan, which may involve spending a fair amount of time enjoying the recreational activities. Since you have many more fees to consider with the purchase of a home within a country club, take the time to compare housing options and membership plans, prior to settling on a particular residence.

Know what is expected of you once you become a resident. You will be part of a homeowners' association, and this may mean that routine maintenance will need to be fulfilled. During your initial visit, you may be able to meet some of the other residents or observe them using the amenities. This insight may help you determine if living in Governors Club is something that you would like to pursue.

If you're considering moving to a private country club community, consider reaching out to a real estate agency, like Nashville HomeGuru: Compass Real Estate.