3 Ways To Find The Perfect Student Rental Home

If you are heading to college and looking for the perfect place to stay, you may have already explored the housing options offered by your local school. While dorms are always an option, some students want to live in a more stable, quiet space, especially if they are committed to studying. Here are three ways to find a student rental house and why your efforts will be worth it later. 

1. Talk With Friends

One of the best resources you have while you are in college is information from other students. Never hesitate to talk with people you know who already go to the school to see if they have any leads on great student rental homes. You may be able to find a rental house with several seniors about to graduate and move on or hear about new properties that may be going on the market close to the school. 

2. Check Out In-Person Message Boards

Apartment leases are often created for a set period of time, whether that may be a month, an entire semester, or a year. If a student decides to quit school, transfer to another program across the country, or graduate during the middle of their lease, they may need to sell their lease to someone else. 

Sometimes, you can hear about these leases through community boards, which may be posted in the school's lobbies or common areas. Visit common areas frequently to look for community boards, and follow through with leads that you find. 

3. Meet With A Real Estate Agent

Although you are likely far from the point in your life to start looking for a new home, real estate agents have their fingers on the pulse of the market, which can give them great information about which homes are available, even for student housing leases. 

Talk with them about whether you want your own room, whether you want to share a space, and how long you have been looking on your own. Ask them if they have heard about any listings in the area, and check out homes in person to see if they would work for you. 

Anytime you are looking for a student apartment, it pays to look into how far away the property is from the school. Think about the walking and driving distance, as well as any public transportation options that may be around. As soon as you find a listing you really like, talk with the landlord to start the ball rolling on the deal.