Decided To Downsize? 4 Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

Regardless of whether your kids have just moved out, or you are simply preparing to step into retirement, downsizing homes can be a wonderful decision. Prior to placing your home on the market, though, you will want to take a few steps that will help ensure the selling process goes as smoothly as possible. Keep reading to learn about a few things you should to do to get the most out of this particular stage in your life.

Clear Out the Home

Since you have decided to downsize, you likely feel overwhelmed by how much you have accumulated in your home over the years. For that reason, the perfect place to begin is by decluttering. Start by renting a storage unit nearby where you can store your extra furniture, personal belongings, personal décor, and other items that you plan to transport to your new home. Get some boxes that you will use as donation boxes and start going from one room to the next and sort through things that you will donate or throw away. While this will be a time-consuming process, it is necessary to prepare your home for staging and selling.

Make Home Improvements

Though it is not necessary to shell out a huge amount of money to turn your house around before putting it up on the market, it is important that you make essential repairs beforehand. Make certain the HVAC system, plumbing, and appliances are all functioning properly. Check to ensure that the exterior of the home is free from problems, such as peeling singles, chipped paint, and sagging gutters. This will help ensure that your home is presented in a nice manner which will help with inspections and showings.

Price Your Home Fairly

It can often be difficult to find the right price point when selling a home. You want to ensure that the home is priced high enough that you are showing the home's worth, but you also want to make sure the home is priced low enough that the home attracts several offers. The best way to price the home right is to work with a professional realtor who can connect you with an experienced appraiser. Once you have found that right price, your realtor can help you find the right buyer.

Stage the Home Strategically

More often than not, you and your real estate agent will schedule several home showings and/or an open house. Before this happens, though, it is important that your home is properly staged as staging can make or break a potential offer. Ultimately, you want to make sure your home is depersonalized and decorated in a welcoming manner. Tables, counters, shelves, etc. should be decluttered as much as possible, and cabinets and closets should be organized. On the day of the open house or showing, consider lighting candles or baking some cookies to make the home smell good. Your realtor can give you more advice on staging.

These tips will help you in preparing your home for property listings