5 Amenities Commonly Found In Today's Luxury Townhomes

The entire definition of the word "luxury" has changed dramatically in recent years, especially when it comes to everyday life. Luxury used to mean special occasion pampering, such as sumptuous spa treatments, going on a cruise, enjoying a meal at a 5-star restaurant, or booking a room in an upscale hotel while on vacation. Many of today's consumers, however, prefer to incorporate luxury into their daily routine rather than enjoy it as an occasional treat. For instance, those living in luxury townhouses and other high-end personal and family residences are increasingly asking for quality-of-life amenities formerly reserved for world-class vacation accommodations. Following is just a short list of amenities that are increasingly available to residents of luxury townhomes.

Health and Wellness Facilities

Private gyms, spas, and hair and skin salons are becoming somewhat commonplace fixtures in luxury townhouse communities. The convenience of being able to go for a workout, get your hair styled, or enjoy a spa treatment without having to get in the car and drive somewhere is highly appealing to many people. Not only does it save time, but it ensures more personalized service because these amenities are generally only available to community residents. Basketball courts, swimming pools, indoor tennis courts, weight rooms, saunas, and Pilates studios are all popular options. Some communities even offer onsite fitness classes, such as yoga, tai chi, and aerobics. 

Onsite Business Centers

Due to the increase in numbers of those employed in a remote capacity as well as those who are self-employed, the popularity of onsite business centers in residential communities is on the rise. Amenities provided by onsite business centers include conference rooms, fax machines, copy machines, Wi-Fi, coffee machines, and other amenities typically found in offices. Some even offer private offices and/or cubicles as well as reception services. 

Private Cinemas

Private cinemas are another up-and-coming amenity among the luxury lifestyle crowd. Everyone enjoys seeing first-run films as well old favorites on-demand on the big screen, but loading family and friends into the car, driving to a cineplex in a local mall, and navigating a crowded parking lot generally takes a lot of the fun out of going to see a movie. With private cinemas, residents can enjoy an optimal moviegoing experience — there's no driving or fighting the crowds, and the food and beverage options are far better than those found in traditional movie theaters. Residents are also usually provided with the option of reserving onsite private cinemas for private gatherings of family and friends. For instance, if you're hosting a family reunion or a birthday party for a child, part of the celebration could entail watching a movie that has particular meaning for the group. 

Onsite Housekeeping and Concierge Services

Although it is not uncommon for those who live a luxury lifestyle to hire housekeeping and personal assistance services, onsite housekeeping and concierge services offer optimal convenience because the homeowner doesn't have to personally choose a company or otherwise arrange for the service — they simply make their wishes known to the management, and management takes it from there to make sure it happens. 

Exclusive Onsite Culinary Options

Onsite private restaurants, customized catering services, and 24-hour room service have recently joined the list of amenities provided to those living in luxury townhomes. These amenities range from traditional sit-down restaurants that are only available for residents and their guests, hotel-style room service no matter what time of the day or night, and customized catering for private celebrations. Some communities even offer grocery shopping services. The best luxury townhouse communities provide a menu of amenities that residents can use to customize to suit their individual lifestyle needs and preferences. 

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