Purchased A Home That You Want To Sell? 3 Tips To Get the Exterior Ready

Purchasing a home, fixing it up, and then reselling it can put some money in your pocket. You could get more out of the home than you paid for it if you do everything right. You can start out with the exterior of the home, as this is the first thing people see when they pull into the driveway.  Below are three things you should consider to help you get started.

Plant Some Shrubs and Flowers

If the current landscaping is boring or not landscaped at all, you should consider starting with this. If there are no bushes or flowers or anything in front of the home, this makes the home look bare. You can plant some beautiful shrubs there or flowers to take up this space.

If you choose to plant flowers, you should consider planting perennials as they will come back each year. Annuals will die out and they may not last until you sell the home. Some great perennials include Black-Eyed Susan, Cone flowers, Shasta Daisies, Anemone, and Aster. Visit a garden center in your area to see what type of perennials they have. Make sure you choose flowers that will grow in the area you are planting. The garden center employees can help you with this.

Hire a landscape contractor if the yard is not landscaped at all to make things much easier for you.

Paint the Home

If the home has vinyl siding that looks old and dirty, you should consider painting it to make the home look brand new again. Choose a color that will go well with the neighborhood, as you do not want the home to stand out too much. You can choose a different color to make it standout a little, however. For example, if all the homes that are near are painted white or beige, you could choose to paint the home blue or brown. When choosing paint, make sure it is exterior paint that will work well for vinyl.

Repair or Replace the Roof

If the home has an old roof, you should hire a roofing contractor to inspect it for you. If they find a lot of roof damage, water may have leaked through it into the attic. Make sure you check because this can cause a lot of structural damage, as well as cause mold and mildew to grow. If the roof is only partially damaged, such as missing a few shingles or a few shingles are broken, the roofing contractor can repair it for you. If the roof is way past its normal age or there is a lot of damage, have the roof replaced the roof with a new one.

Contact a real estate agent in your area to help you post your property for sale. They can give you many tips on the changes you should make to get the home ready for the market.