5 Tips For Preparing Yoru New Home For Your Family

If you have just closed the deal with your real estate agent and bought a home, you want to take certain steps to make sure it is clean, safe and secure. Taking these extra steps will help you and your other household members to feel much more comfortable and safe once you are in the house and trying to get settled. These 5 things will help you to know your new home is in the best shape possible when it comes to comfort and safety:

1: Clean your home with professional grade cleaners

You can go through your home yourself or hire a professional cleaning company to clean it. However, it's always best if you have the house cleaned again before moving all your stuff in. This way, you can be sure that nothing was overlooked. You will just feel better taking baths and sitting on toilets that you had a hand in cleaning.

2: Learn your new home

You should walk around the entire property and then around the whole inside and get to know your home. You want to know where any potentially dangerous holes are around the yard, or where there are possibly rodent holes. You also want to go through the inside and open, close, unlock and lock all of the doors and windows so you know they all work. Look in the attic and basement so you know what shape they are in. Try all sources of water to make sure there are no plumbing issues. Look in all of the cabinets for any signs of droppings so you know whether or not there may be a pest issue.

3: Have a locksmith come out to change any locks you are concerned about

If you aren't positive that you were given brand new keys to new locks then this means other people out there may be holding keys that work with your locks. Have a locksmith come out to replace any of the locks that you are concerned about.

4: Install motion activated lights and sprinklers

You should install motion activated lights and sprinklers around the property for a few different reasons. The motion activated sprinklers will alert you when unknown people come onto the property, they will help your yard to get some extra watering and they will chase off wildlife who may come in your yard to become a threat to your pets or your garden. Motion activated lights will alert you to someone coming onto your property. They will also be helpful at night when you come home because they will come on and light up your walkway for you.

5: Install a security system with cameras

Installing a security system with cameras will help you to protect your home from anyone thinking about victimizing it. The cameras will also allow you to keep an eye on what's going on around your home.