Rats And Trash: Two Reasons Your Basement Apartment Tenants Keep Leaving

If you have a multi-family house and rely on the basement apartment income to help cover the mortgage, then you know how important long term tenants are. Every time you have to screen new tenants, show the place, and let it sit empty, you are losing money. So, if your prior tenants have complained about rodents and the smell (or sight) of trash, then you need to do something about it. While the rodents might not venture upstairs into your living space and you might not see or smell the trash, it's not only inconsiderate to ignore the problem, but it's also hurting your bank account. So, here are two things you need to do immediately.

Mint Scented Garbage Bags and a Trash Storage Shed

Don't just dump your trash bags in garbage bins right outside your basement window. That gives an ugly view for your tenants as well as makes things smelly. The simple solution is to get special garbage bags that have been treated with a mint scent. These bags are most often used to discourage raccoons (and other scavengers) from smelling food and tearing open bags. However, the same principle works at making your area less noxious for your tenants.

You should invest in a trash can storage shed. These are the large, waist high cabinet-like containers made of hard rubber. You open the shed either by opening the front doors or lifting the lid (depending on the design) and placing the trash cans inside. When closed, the trash is hidden. It will make the property look nicer and also help to control the smell. They are large enough so that both you and your tenants can fit your trash containers inside.

Rat Control Expert

If there are rats running around the alley and occasionally making an appearance inside your basement apartment, then that needs to be addressed ASAP. It is not enough to just drop some rat poison. If you do that yourself, you run the risk of poisoning your own pets (if you have any) or you future tenants' pets (which can leave you liable for a lawsuit). What you want to do is bring in a professional who has experience with rat poison and won't just lay it out haphazardly, but apply it safely (in crevices where rats travel but dogs don't, for instance). They will also seal up access points. The rodent control expert will be able to identify places in your house where rats can gain access. They can then seal up these spots (which you might not have even noticed).

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