Five Main Duties Of Property Managers (In Case You Were Wondering)

If you are combing through the classifieds looking for a new line of work and come across an ad for a property manager, you might be wondering what this line of work entails. It seems as though it might be mostly rental property maintenance, while at other times it seems to be mostly office work. To satisfy your curiosity, or answer questions you have about this career, here are five main duties of property managers.

Schedule Apartment Viewings and Walkthroughs

Property managers do all of the apartment viewings and walkthroughs. This is akin to the sales floor in a car dealership or a real estate agent selling a house. In fact, in many ways it is a lot like selling a house because the property manager is "selling" the benefits and advantages of the apartment or rental house. After a tenant moves out, the apartment manager checks the condition of the apartment and then conducts walk-throughs before tenants move in as well.

Create and Sign Documents

The apartment manager also creates and signs documents for apartment renting, apartment cleaning, maintenance and repairs. He or she acts as the owner of the property in lieu of the property owner's actual presence. As such, the property manager has to make several judgement calls for the good of the property, unless the owner expressly instructs the manager otherwise.


Most landscaping needed includes lawn mowing and shrub trimming. Most property managers are asked to do these basic landscaping tasks. However, some property owners may also hire professional landscaping companies to deal with all related lawn tasks to make sure the property remains well-kept.


Many property managers are asked to keep all of the common areas clean. This includes cleaning hallways, stairs, basements, garages, storage unit areas, laundry areas and pool or clubhouse areas. When tenants leave and do not clean the apartments in which they were living, apartment managers may also be required to clean these units as well.

Collecting Rent and Enforcing Lease Rules

Finally, and most importantly, the property manager's main duty is to collect rent and enforce lease rules. Without the rent, neither the apartment manager nor the property owner get paid. When tenants violate this cardinal principle of the renting business, it lands on the shoulders of the property manager to get the rent money in whatever way possible (and legal). When rent cannot be collected, it is the property manager's job to evict these tenants.