Don't Go It Alone: What To Know About For Sale By Owner

For those putting their home on the market, you have a decision to make when it comes to selling and marketing it. Traditionally, people entrusted local real estate agents for this important and sometimes confusing task. A new trend of people taking the job into their own hands has slowly been gaining popularity, however, and it is easy to see why it at least appears to be a good idea. You may think that no one else knows your home the way you do or that you'll save a ton of commission fees, but read on to learn why those could be false perceptions.

Digital Media Rules

Gone are the days of sticking a "for-sale" sign on your front lawn and calling it a day. More and more people in search of their dream homes now turn to the internet or their smart phones for assistance. One look at the slick, user-friendly, and professionally-done websites offered by most real estate agents nowadays and it's easy to see why. Can you really compete with a beautifully done site that offers detail oriented search options, professional quality photographs, and loads of information about everything from the property taxes to local school ratings? Not likely.

You Aren't Really Saving Money

Real estate agents do earn a commission on each home sale, but would you be willing to pay a commission to sell your home for a higher price? Most people would, and statistics show the success of using real estate agents to sell their homes. Nothing beats the expertise and years of experience when it comes to ensuring that your home gets not just a fair price but a high price. For sale by owner properties (FSBO) are also burdened with the perception that the home buyer should be getting a big bargain, since they know the seller is not having to pay anyone a commission.

It's Time Consuming and Complicated

Professional real estate agents more than earn their commission simply by taking care of the details, paperwork, and showings. Once you consider the multiple parties that must be brought together to create a successful home sale, you will understand. You may find yourself dealing with many personalities and issues if you go it alone, such as:

  • Home buyers agents.
  • Home appraisers.
  • Home inspectors.
  • Title companies.

If you are interested in placing your home on the market, don't neglect to speak to a professional real estate agent from an agency like Thomas Brackin Real Estate.