Planning To Sublet Your Apartment? Get Carpet Cleaning Before The Tenant Moves In

Unexpected situations can happen, and yours might have you going away for months. An opportune international trip, job transfer, or family emergency may have you needing to leave rather soon. Instead of leaving your apartment all alone with you paying rent for as long as you are gone, you should sublet the place to avoid losing out on what could be thousands of dollars from both rent and utilities. Before you make use of this valuable opportunity, you should get professional carpet cleaning.

Provide Them with a Clean Place

Similar to how a landlord should provide a clean place, you should do the same in your unique position. A person may not want to move in when they walk into an apartment with a dirty and stained carpet. When you are trying to find someone to take over the place, you will benefit from having the carpet cleaned before you capture pictures of the place, and especially before you do in-person inspections.

Put It in the Agreement

When subletting your apartment, one of the most important steps of the entire process is to get it all in writing. This will help you when it comes to dealing with any problems that the tenant might experience. Writing down the carpet cleaning service, providing the receipt, and taking pictures of the place before the tenant moves in will prevent you from being responsible for any carpet-related damage. It can get costly to fix or replace a carpet, so the last thing you want happening is for you to be given the blame.

Start the Relationship Positively

By putting the time and money into getting the carpet clean, you can feel better about the relationship that you have with the temporary tenant from the very beginning. It is ideal when you are both comfortable enough to keep in contact with each other while the place is still technically yours. A positive relationship will motivate the tenant to take the greatest care of the property while in their hands. Paying $124 to $240 for carpet cleaning is a small price to pay for the relationship benefits that it can provide.

Carpet cleaning is normally something that you may do before you move out of the apartment. But, when you are in a situation in which you need to find someone to take over the lease, you should not hesitate to get carpet cleaning as it can speed up the process and give you peace of mind in regard to cleanliness. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Atlantic Carpet Care.