Secrets To Having An Unforgettable Open House

When your real estate agent has planned an open house to help sell your home, you may be both excited and nervous. Having a lot of strangers all visiting your home at once can seem odd, but it's an effective tool for getting your home in front of potential buyers. Here are some of the things that you can do ensure that those home buyers have an unforgettable experience at your open house.

Spend Time with Each Potential Buyer

As the seller, potential home buyers will be very interested in meeting you and asking you questions. It's important to try to spend time with each and every person who comes through the door at an open house. Decide in advance which questions you are willing to answer as well as which ones are definitely off limits. Also figure out how you want to sway the conversation away from off-limits topics in a cordial way so that he buyer doesn't get defensive.

Accentuate What You Truly Love in Your Home

Whether you are writing personal materials to give to potential buyers who attend the open house or talking directly to them, it's important to accentuate what you truly love in your home. Talk about what made you fall in love with the home and buy it. Speak about the best things you've enjoyed while living there. Authenticity is almost undeniable, and your genuine enthusiasm will shine through.

Ask Questions

In order to know how to best relate to the buyer and tell them about how the house could best meet their needs, you need to get to know them a bit. The best way to break the ice and get them to open up is probably to share a bit about yourself. You may open up about your career or your personal life. Keep it upbeat and fun. Once you do that, try asking the potential buyers questions about themselves. Some open-ended questions that can get buyers talking include:

  • Is there any area of the home you'd prefer I take you first?
  • What are some of the things that you most dislike in a house?
  • What made you decide to look for a home right now?
  • What are some of the first features that come to mind when you envision your dream home?
  • How many people will be living in the home you buy?

Finally, keep in mind that you are selling a lifestyle that your home will offer every bit as much as you are selling the physical house itself. Play up the home's best features and showcase the beauty of the house. When you work with your real estate agent to help host the best open house possible, you may end up selling your home sooner than you imagine.