Follow These Tips When Renting Your First Office Space

Whether you run an established business or are a freelancer looking to have an office separate from your home, there are some things to think about before renting your first office space. It requires knowing the area, considering amenities, and not forgetting about the different costs that might be involved. Here are some tips for renting office space for the first time.

Don't Forget About Additional Expenses

When you begin looking for available office spaces, you might only look at the monthly rent they are listing. However, there are quite a few other expenses you need to be aware of. If your rent takes up your entire monthly budget, you are left struggling to pay for other expenses. Find out beforehand if utilities are covered in the lease agreement. If not, you might be paying considerably more than you thought just for electricity and water in the office space. If you have your own bathroom in the office, expect to pay more, as well as for a kitchen area to use as a break room. The rent might also include other additional charges, such as snow removal in the parking lot, trash services, or a fee to cover cleaning services.

Get Help From a Real Estate Agent

Some real estate agents aren't just helping people find office space to buy, but also to rent or lease. Going through a qualified agent ensures you have multiple listings to choose from without having to do the searching yourself. You can be as specific as you want so they can give you options based on your criteria. Another benefit is that some office spaces are not publicly listed because the owner of that building doesn't want to be bombarded with phone calls and emails. They will only list it for agents, so that you might be one of the first people to look at the space. This increases the chances of being approved for renting the space.

Choose the Size Wisely

You need to find a balance between office space that isn't too large for your needs, but also gives you room to grow. You might be a one-person operation now, but what if you decide to hire an assistant or have a bookkeeper that comes into the office a couple days a week? You need to have office space for them as well. Try to look into the future and choose an office large enough to accommodate expected growth.

Save Money By Co-Renting an Office

If your business sis brand new, you might not have the money to afford a big office all by yourself. In this case, co-renting is a better option. You can rent just part of the office to use, such as renting a cubicle or half of the office, but sharing the kitchen and bathroom area. This reduces how much rent you pay, but still gives you the space you need. Contact a business, such as DeskNWork, for more information.