Are You Making These Two Big Mistakes When Looking For An Apartment?

While you're looking for your dream apartment, potential landlords are looking for ideal tenants. You both are hoping for the best at each meeting, but there are some ways that you may be sabotaging yourself in the hunt for your perfect place to live. Consider whether you are making these two big mistakes when you are checking out apartments.

Not Looking at the Bathroom

Most people focus on checking out the living room and kitchen when they are scouting out apartments. They fail to see that it's the bathroom can tell you so many things about the apartments and how it's been cared for. Unfortunately, apartment seekers miss the bathroom. Don't make the same mistake.

Instead, consider these criteria when checking out the bathroom:

  • Open the medicine cabinet. If it's dirty or unkempt, that's a potential sign of neglect.
  • Look in the bathtub for signs of mold or mildew.
  • Check out the faucets of both the bathroom sink and the bathtub itself. Look closely to see whether they are shiny and new, or old and rusted. You may also want to ask whether you can change them as a tenant if you desire.

Not Asking Questions

If you really want a certain apartment, it can be tempting to quickly agree to the terms that are offered with no questions asked. However, that's a mistake. Most property managers are used to tenants peppering them with questions, and they are happy to provide the answers you need to make an informed decision about the apartment.

Instead, prepare questions before you arrive at the apartment building. That will help ensure that you don't forget to ask any crucial questions. Some common questions renters have included:

  • Why do you think tenants will enjoy living here?
  • Can the walls be painted in different colors?
  • Are there designated quiet hours?
  • Do many families live here?
  • When was the last time a crime occurred on the property?
  • Do you check the credit report of potential tenants? If so, what is the required credit score?
  • What is the down payment required?
  • Do you offer a multi-year-, annual, bi-annual, or month-to-month lease?

Finally, when you next make an appointment to look at an apartment, ensure that you aren't making these errors that could cost you your ideal place to live. Be up front and honest as well as clear in your intentions, and you'll be on the right track for a positive relationship with your future landlord.