Tips For Organizing Items For Your Move Using Existing Household Items

If you are packing up your belongings in preparation for moving to a new home, you may have items that you are unsure of how to organize. If so, use the following tips to help you pack and organize using household items you may already have in your home.

Use Egg Cartons To Store Screws And Nails

If you have furniture you can disassemble by removing screws or plan on taking the nails with which you hang your pictures with you, you may worry that they may get lost in all the activity involved with moving. If so, use an egg carton to organize them, keeping them secure in one location.

For example, before taking a table apart, label one of the sections of the egg carton to indicate the contents belong to the furniture piece. Then, place the screws in the section as you disassemble it. 

Once you have filled all sections of the egg carton, write down all of the contents on a piece of paper. Then, place a sheet of plastic wrap over the sections, and shut the lid. Place the list on the top, then wrap the carton with clear packaging tape. When you move is complete, you will be able to easily find the hardware you need, especially if you need more than one carton.

Wrap Your Glassware In Socks

If you have a lot of different sized glassware, you may be concerned about packing it, fearing that it could crack when stored in a box. To cushion any blows from movement or vibration, wrap them in socks. Not only does this protect your glasses, but you can also put more in a box without fear of scratching them on one another. Plus, you also save space from not having to have a separate packing location for the socks.

When wrapping the glassware, use long socks, and stuff the toe in the center. Then, pull the sides around the glass, and secure the opening of the sock at the bottom of the glass with a loose knot. Then, stand them up in the box.

The above tips are just a few ideas to help organize your move using items you may already have laying around your house. However, if you decide the hassle of packing up and moving everything yourself is too much, you may want to speak with a professional moving service to discuss your options.