4 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your RV for the Winter

When the weather starts to become colder, if you are like many RV owners, you might wonder what to do with your recreational vehicle during the winter. Use the following tips to help you prepare your RV for the winter weather.

Inspect the RV

Before doing anything else, it is a good idea to check the condition of your RV. Clean both the outside and inside of your vehicle and pay special attention to the condition of the windows, roof, and seat seams, repairing whatever needs to be fixed. Lubricate the locks and hinges on the doors. Be sure that the awnings are clean and dry.

Keep Rodents Out

Mice, squirrels, and other rodents are able to get into your RV through small spaces. They can chew through wiring and rubber components and cause damage to your RV. Therefore, it is important to do everything you can to keep these critters out of your vehicle.

To do this, look for any gaps and holes, particularly where tubes and wires enter the interior of your RV. Seal any gaps with silicone or expanding foam.

You also need to remove all food and crumbs from the inside of your RV so that there is nothing attracting rodents to your RV in the first place. You might also consider opening all drawers and cabinets and putting dryer sheets or mothballs in those spaces to keep rodents away.

Leave Roof Vents Open

If you don't properly ventilate your RV, you may enter it when the weather gets warmer only to discover mildew and mold inside. To avoid this, keep your roof vents open. You can purchase vent covers that allow you to keep your vent covers open all winter.

Check Out a Climate-Controlled Unit

One thing you might consider is storing your RV in an indoor, climate-controlled storage unit. Doing this will ensure that your RV is not affected by low temperatures, ice, and snow. This may protect the exterior of your RV from damage and keep your fuel and other fluids in good condition. When your RV is in climate-controlled storage, you don't have to worry that your vehicle's battery will freeze while being left out in the cold when you are not using the RV.

Now that you know some ways you can get your recreational vehicle ready for the colder months. Talk to a storage company like Advanced Realty to get more ideas about how you can protect your RV during the winter.