How the VA Can Help with Your Move: A Veteran's Look at the Options

After leaving the military, many veterans are bombarded with options and services for transitioning to a healthy civilian life. One of the many options is settling down into a home that can provide security and even profit if planned properly. If you've recently transitioned from military service or haven't heard much about the different housing options and opportunities available, take the time to understand a few ways to get your foot in the door of a home of your own.

Stay within Reach of the VA

The VA home loan program is a joint effort between the Department of Veterans Affairs and local lenders willing to give fair rates and real estate advice to veterans looking for a new home. Although the loan terms vary between different areas, information about the program can be found on the official VA Home Loan page. Before contacting the VA and starting the process, though, take the time to do some personal research first.

When searching for a home, there's no shortage of options and concerns to weigh. The appearance of the home, its condition, and the location all play important roles, but you need to consider your veteran status and how your home could benefit. One particular tactic would be to stay within reach of a major VA facility.

Hopefully, you left the military in decent medical condition. But whether you're a relatively healthy veteran or suffering from a debilitating condition, you'll eventually need to visit the VA to make the most of your benefits. With the VA home loan program, you can shop for something that fits multiple conditions while still being near the VA.

Being close to the VA is about more than making the drive shorter. When documentation needs to be mailed or corrections need to be made, it's easier for you to pick documentation up. For your home and personal property, issues such as titles, mortgages, and other paperwork may take a long time to sort out between dealing with the mail system and the level of organization of others involved.

Changing Homes And Renting With Property Management Assistance

Down payments, moving funds, and day-to-day living can complicate a new home purchase in ways that you're not prepared for. For many people, life can become much more affordable with a simple move, but there may not be enough funds to make the move happen. In some cases, you may want to recoup costs for your old home while transitioning to your new home. A residential property management firm may be able to help in this case.

As a veteran, you have a lot of services available that can smooth over a move. With the VA home loan and advice on specific properties, you should be able to negotiate rates and other services within your move. Work with the VA home loan team to factor in a loan that involves property management and potential profit on your old property through rentals.

While it's not impossible to get a property management company on your side without the VA assistance, consolidating the costs at a low rate can give you a head start on the move you need and terms that can keep you ahead of your debt.

Contact a residential property management firm and discuss your veterans benefits to begin a plan for real estate success.