Learn The Steps Professional Carpet Cleaners Follow To Clean Area Rugs

Many homes now have large area rugs in their homes to make rooms with hardwood flooring a little cozier. These large area rugs may look great in a room, but many families forget that they need to be cleaned from time to time, just like the other carpeting in their home. The following guide walks you through the steps a carpet cleaning company will take to clean your area rug for you.

Remove Everything from the Rug

The first thing the cleaners will do is remove everything from the rug and make sure there is plenty of open space around the rug for them to be able to work on it without damaging any of your property.

Vacuum the Rug

Next, the cleaners will use a very powerful vacuum to remove any ground in dirt, dust, or dander from your carpet. These things can be ground deep into your rug where you cannot even see them, but the vacuum is strong enough to suck them loose from the fibers of the rug.

Apply Detergent to the Rug

Rug cleaners have a specific cleaning agent that they use to get rid of any filth found in a rug. They apply the detergent with their steamer because it allows them to evenly distribute the cleaner without pressing it through the rug, damaging the floor underneath.

Steam the Rug

Next, the cleaners will use the steamer to shoot hot steam into the carpet to lather the cleaning agent and then remove the stains, dirt, and dander from the rug. It is important for you to hire a professional to handle your rug cleaning because doing it yourself could lead to you holding the steamer in one place too long and actually causing damage to the rug.

Vacuum the Rug Again

Once the rug has been steam cleaned, the cleaners will run the vacuum over the rug one more time before they leave. They need to make sure that all loose dust and dander is removed from the rug and that the fibers of the rug are not sticking together. The vacuum will break apart the fibers quickly and easily to ensure that the rug looks as great as possible when the cleaners are done.

Once the rug has been steamed, no one will be able to walk on it for a few hours. The rug will be wet from the cleaning process and stepping on it before it is dry could ruin the pile or stain it.

Some companies, like Majestic Rug Cleaning Co. Inc., will take the to be cleaned in their own facility.