Four Ways Staging Can Help Sell Your Home

If you are selling your home, you might be wondering if staging services are really worth it. It can be a pain to move out of your home and have this staged with new furniture, especially if you think the look of your home is perfectly fine the way it is. If your realtor recommends staging, it is a good idea to heed their advice. Here are four things that staging can do to help sell your home.

1. Staged Homes Photograph Better

With the efforts by your realtor to set up staging and sellable photos, your home will look better online, bringing in more potential buyers to view your home. Tricks with staging and lighting can make a home look inviting and more like a model home in photographs. Without depersonalizing your home before it hits the market, you may be reluctant to post photos that seem too intimate, displaying your lived-in home.

2. Make Your Home Appear to be More Spacious

A staged home is set up to showcase a home's strengths, not the everyday functionality of normal furnishings. Staged items can be set up in a way to maximize space and can make even make the smallest properties appear larger than if these were filled with clutter. Stagers have the interior design skills to pick and place the right furnishings, lighting, and mirrors to open up space and make your home more inviting.

3. Depersonalize Your Home

Going to open homes when the owner is still living there can be distracting. Home buyers might have a hard time envisioning themselves in your home if they are focusing on your style and furnishings. It can be hard to see past the fact that they are in someone's home, and really focus on what the home has to offer.  

4. Make Your Home Move-in Ready

Viewing homes that are owner-occupied can make home buyers nervous. Sometimes this might indicate that a seller isn't actually ready to move, or won't be ready to move right away once a sale is pending. A staged home shows that a seller is serious, and that the home will be ready for the new owners to move in as soon as the sale is final.

Home buyers want to envision their future in a home, and this can be hard to do if someone else's life is still in the home. Home staging services can depersonalize and show off the best parts of a home. Getting a better offer on your home with interior design staging is well worth the cost and effort.