5 Things To Ask A Security Guard Company Before Hiring One

If you need security guard services for your small business, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices out there. You may not know how you can distinguish among the many security guard service companies in your area. If you know the right questions to ask, however, it will be easier to determine which company is a better fit for yours.

Here are some questions to ask guard companies before you hire one:

What Services are Provided?

It is important that you know exactly what security guards from a particular company will do for your company. Will they do an hourly walkaround of your property? Will they check the identification of anyone walking into your building? Make sure you know exactly how your company will benefit from a particular guard company before hiring one.

What is Your Hiring Process Like?

Security guards will have a great deal of access to your business, so it is fair that you find out how they are chosen by the company. Does the security guard company do criminal background checks, for example?

Does it conduct interviews with past employers about the conduct of the guards they hire? Be sure that every effort is made to get a clear idea of who they hire, so that you can be confident that the guards who show up at your door are trustworthy.

How Do You Choose The Guard for My Company?

Many security guard companies simply take a look at their roster and assign guards to companies at random. However, you may want to have approval over the guards they send to your company. Think about the qualities you want your guard to have, and find out whether the guard company will take that into consideration.

How are Guards Supervised?

In many cases, security guards enjoy a high level of freedom without much supervision while on the job. Inquire about how guard activity is assessed, and how you can be sure that there is oversight in case the guard does something wrong.

What Happens in an Emergency?

Because you are hiring guards for security purposes, their presence is essential. What happens if the scheduled guard fails to come to work or becomes ill on the job? Can management be contacted at all hours? Be sure you know about a guard company's emergency planning, so you can be sure your company is always protected.

Use the information above to help you choose a security guard company. Not only will you feel better about the company you choose, but you are likelier to feel more protected, because you took the time to ask the questions above. To learn more, contact a company like S&S Security Services with any questions you have.