Tips On Choosing The Right Size Storage Unit

Deciding on the size of your storage unit sometimes involves a lot of guesswork. It's not easy to know how much space you'll need until you begin filling up your unit. However, you can't begin storing your items until you've already selected a unit.

Beginning with the right size storage unit from a firm like Controlled Storage Systems can make the cumbersome task of relocating your items a bit easier. The following are some general tips on finding the storage unit size that will fit your needs:

Take some measurements

If you've already got your items grouped together in their original location, taking measurements will be easy. However, it's not always possible to group your storage items together before transporting them to your unit.

Try taking some measurements of individual items or boxes and then getting out a pencil and paper to arrange items in a hypothetical grouping to determine how much space everything will take up. 

Consider the time frame

If you're going to be storing items over the long term, you'll probably end up appreciating a little more space. Long term renters are more likely to need to access their items from time to time, so they'll want a some space to work with and move around in.

On the other hand, short term renters often just load items into their unit and remove them later without making any trips in the meantime to move things around. 

Get some advice

Storage facility staff members are excellent sources of advice when it comes to finding the right unit, so seek out their input.

If all of the measuring and planning is just leaving you more uncertain, consider these general guidelines on  storage unit sizes and what can fit inside them:

  • 5' by 5'- This is likely to be one of the smallest unit sizes available, and it's only enough space for clothing, papers, books, children's toys, and perhaps very small furniture pieces.
  • 7.5' by 10'- A unit of this size should be able to store furniture pieces, sofas, tables, and more while still having room for a few boxes and other small items.
  • 10' by 10'- If you have enough furniture, appliances, and accessories to fill out a one-bedroom apartment, this is typically an appropriate size.
  • 10' by 10'- Storing all possessions from a two-bedroom apartment or home should require a unit of this size.
  • 10' by 30'- Those with enough items to fill out a four or five bedroom home will probably need a unit of this size.