Secure Your Home: 5 Steps To Protect Your Home

When it comes to securing your home, you may think that a security system from a place like Star Protection Agency LLC is all that you need. However, home security is actually a two-part system. While installing a home security system is an essential part of home protection, what you do around your home is just as important. Here is a list of the ten most important security measures you can implement to keep your home more secure.

Lock Your Doors And Windows

One of the worst things you can do is leave your doors or windows unlocked when you leave your home. Burglars watch for homes that they know are empty. Once they know you're gone, they'll look for the quickest way to get into your home. Unlocked doors and windows are an invitation to enter your home and rob you.

Increase The Strength Of Your Strike Plates

If the strike plates on your doors are installed with ordinary screws, your exterior doors can be kicked in with just a few well-placed kicks. To prevent your doors from becoming an entry point for burglars, reinforce your strike plates by using longer screws to install them. The screws should actually be long enough to penetrate the door frame.

Improve The Outdoor Lighting

A porch light by your front door is a good start. However, to keep your home secure, you should have lights installed near each exterior window. This will prevent burglars from finding a dark place to enter your home through. If you don't have the necessary wiring to install wired lighting, solar powered flood lights can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Keep Shrubbery Trimmed Around Your Doors And Windows

Do you have shrubbery near your doors and windows? If you do, they could become a hiding place for would-be burglars. To keep your home and family safe, you should keep trees and shrubbery away from your doors. Shrubbery that is growing in or around windows should be trimmed shorter than the lowest edge of your windows.

Reinforce Your Sliding Glass Door

Even if you're sliding glass door is locked, it can be lifted out of the door frame and off the tracks. You can reinforce your garage door by placing a dowel in the track between the stationary portion of the door and the sliding door. Using a measuring tape, measure the distance between the two doors. Your dowel should be cut to the exact measurements to prevent any movement of the sliding door.

Even with the best security system, your home can still be vulnerable to burglars. Use these simple steps to protect your home and family.