Storing Long Term? 3 Ways To Protect Your Stuff

If you are working in another state for a while or studying abroad, you might need to store your things long-term. Unfortunately, if you won't be around to check on your things, you might not be able to catch issues before your stuff is damaged. Here are three ways to protect your stored items while you are away, so that you don't have to deal with replacing things later.   

1: Check the Unit for Existing Damage

One of the most important things you should do before you hit the road is inspect your unit carefully for existing damage. Although you never know what the future holds, looking for signs of previous issues might help you to fend off problems down the road. Here are a few things you should look for when you rent a unit:

  • Floor Problems: Check the floor of your storage unit, and look for cracks or raised cement. These things might indicate previous ground movement, or structural problems with the building.
  • Water Spots: Inspect the ceiling of your unit with a flashlight, and look for water spots. Previous leaks might have left behind dark or yellowed stains, which could indicate roofing issues.
  • Rust: If your unit is made of metal, look for rust spots, which could also indicate moisture.
  • Wiggly Hardware: Push on your roll-up door to see how much it moves. If you have loose tracks or a broken hasp, it could make it easy for people to break into your unit later.

If you find any issues, report them immediately to storage management. You might be able to transfer to a different unit, or get your money back and rent from another facility.

2: Fend Off Pests

Believe it or not, your things can be destroyed even if you have the most structurally sound unit. If you unintentionally attract mice, spiders, termites or ants, you might end up dealing with dilapidated furniture and chewed-up upholstery.

To keep pests away, never store food in your storage unit. Ask facility managers how often they spray the units for pests, and whether or not anyone has reported issues. If you are worried about bugs and mice, consider spraying the perimeter your unit with a residual insecticide before you go, and putting a few packets of rodent poison in the front corners near the door.

Taking a few minutes to protect your storage unit might help you to avoid unplanned expenses when you get back into town. Reach out to a company like Security Self Storage for more tips.