Use Extra Precautions When Storing Furniture In A Non-Climate-Controlled Unit

If there are no climate-controlled units available, or you do not feel like paying the extra money for a climate-controlled unit for your furniture, you need to take a few extra precautions in order to keep your furniture safe while it is in storage.

Ask If You Can Pick Your Unit

If you are renting a storage unit at an inside facility, ask if you can pick out your storage unit. Try to find an open interior unit that faces out into a hallway. Exterior units are subject to the outside climate.

Clean Your Storage Unit

Before you even think about moving items into your storage unit, clean it out. As you clean, check for signs of any insect or rodent life. Insects and rodents are often your worst enemy when it comes to storage. They seem to love snuggling up with or inside your furniture if they can find a way in.

Keep the unit free of insects and other pests by spraying the unit down with an insect repellent or killer.

Prepare Your Storage Unit

Since you are storing your furniture inside of a non-climate-controlled unit, you will need to take a few extra steps to get it ready. First, you need to purchase some heavy plastic sheeting, duct tape, and pallets from your local hardware store. Once you have those supplies, you can start preparing your unit.

Hang plastic up on the ceilings and wall of your unit. Cover the floor with plastic as well. You may feel like you are recreating a scene from Dexter; however all of this plastic will keep any moisture that tries to get in to your unit away from your furniture.

Once the plastic is hung up and laid out, place the pallets on top of the plastic to create a sub-floor in your storage unit. This will keep your furniture far away from any moisture or liquids that could seep into your unit.

Clean Your Furniture And Then Wrap It Up

Take your time cleaning your furniture. Vacuum all couches, chairs and beds to remove any little debris that is trying to catch a ride. Wipe down all surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaning product. Polish any wood or metal as well.

Once you have cleaned your furniture, it is time to wrap it up. Since you cannot control the climate in your unit, it is best to wrap your furniture twice.

You should use furniture pads or blankets as your first layer of defense. Then, wrap all your furniture up in plastic as well. After all of your furniture is double wrapped, you are ready to move it to your unit.

Make sure you leave room between each piece of furniture so you can maneuver around it and nothing gets banged up. Be sure to visit your unit occasionally to make sure there are no leaks and that no insects have penetrated the barriers that you set up. With all the precautions you took, your furniture will be safe in a regular storage unit.