How to Change the Combination of the Safe at Your Retail Store

You should change the combination on your safe whenever you feel it has been compromised. There are a number of reasons why you might feel this way.

For instance, you could require that certain employees have access to the safe to grab money for the cash registers, but now that employee might have quit or gotten fired. You might not like the thought of someone who might be holding a grudge against you, or your business, to know how to get into your safe.

Here is how you can change the combination on a three-wheel combination lock.

What You Will Need:

  • Change Key
  • Current Combination
  • New Combination

Step One:

Open the safe door.

You need to enter the current combination into the changing index. The changing index is the line placed at the 11 o'clock position on the dial face – left of the arrow where you typically line up your numbers to open the safe. You will enter the numbers in the changing index in the exact same sequence as you do for opening the safe.

Step Two:

Insert the change key into the hole on the backside of the dial located on the inside of the door.

You will either turn the key clockwise or counter clockwise (depending on the model and manufacturer) for a half a turn. You should hear a click when you have turned the key far enough for it to work.

Step Three:

Enter the new combination into the changing index.

Place the number 0 at the changing index line. Enter your first number in your new combination by turning the dial Counter-clockwise four times past zero before stopping on the changing index.

The number you stop on will be the first number of your new combination.

The second number is entered by turning the dial three times clockwise and stopping on the changing index.

The third number is entered by turning the dial counter-clockwise twice and stopping on the changing index.

Step Four:

Open the door and remove the change key.

You have to put the change key back in its original position before you remove it.

Step Five:

You should test the new combination several times before you shut and lock your safe door to make sure it works well.

You should consider changing the combination on your business safe every time there is a turn-over in employees who have access to the safe. If you don't feel comfortable doing this yourself, call in a safe maintenance and service company such as A-AAA Locksmiths, LLC to do it for you.