Don't Ruin The Vinyl: How To Properly Store Your Record Collection

Vinyl is definitely outdated, but that doesn't mean that there aren't still people out there that collect vinyl records. Unfortunately, in order to keep your record collection in good shape, it is important that you take extra precautions when storing them. Vinyl records are very different than cassettes and CDs and are much more vulnerable to damage. Here are three tips that you need to make sure to follow when you decide to store your vinyl record collection to ensure that your records are safe.

1. Don't Lose the Sleeves.

Vinyl records are special, and they are vulnerable. They should never be out of their sleeve unless they are being played. The sleeve provides protection for the record and ensures that it doesn't sustain any dings or scratches. If you don't have the original sleeve or even a back-up sleeve, then you need to visit a local record shop or search online for a store where you can purchase some affordable sleeves. This is crucial before you place your record collection in storage.

2. Store Records Vertically.

Vinyl records are susceptible to warping and scratches, but there is more damage that can be done. Vinyl is flexible, which means it is much more susceptible to breaking and getting crushed. Therefore, your records should never be stored on the floor. In addition, they should never be stacked on top of one another. Instead, they should be stored upright just as you would place books on your book shelf. Otherwise, they may fall victim to the pressure and crack, or the sound quality of the records could suffer.

3. Opt for a Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit.

When storing your record collection, you must have a climate-controlled storage unit. This is very important because the heat, cold and even moisture will damage the vinyl. Therefore, the last two places you want to store your record collection is in your attic or in your basement where all three of these elements exist.

Heat is probably the one you should worry about the most since it can result in warping and a poor quality sound. Moisture is also dangerous since it can harm the record's cover. Regardless, a climate-controlled self-storage unit will protect your record collection from various environmental threats.

Your vinyl record collection is likely very important to you. Therefore, it is crucial that you follow the aforementioned tips when storing your collection. Otherwise, you risk serious and irreparable damage to your collection. Contact local storage companies in your area, like Epic Group Inc, to get the best price on a climate-controlled unit.